BCBE Construction LLC – Luxury Custom Builder in Naples, FL


John Moll, Interior Decorating Committee Chair at Baypointe at Naples Cay

“Baypointe selected BCBE for our Interior Design Project due to their outstanding reputation and commitment to a seamless process.  

They also built our building in 1996 and the team’s presentation to our Interior Design Committee and owners was very professional and thorough.”

Edward Angell, Marble.com

We will do whatever it takes to accomplish anything you need. It is a privilege to work for you,  we feel that BCBE is the best in the  commercial Industry and we do not want to work for anyone else.

Kay Thompson


As we all know, construction professionals generally have unexpected challenges on their Projects that they have to deal with on a regular basis. However, in addition to the usual challenges that arise during such projects, this year BCBE had to also deal with a major challenge in the form of a Category 5 Hurricane that hit Naples on September 10, 2017. At that point in time, our Gulf Towers Renovation Project was about 65 percent done. Notwithstanding that fact, BCBE, following Irma, had its crews back working on our Project within 48 hours of the power being restored to our building.