BCBE Construction LLC – Luxury Custom Builder in Naples, FL


Design West


As we wrap up the custom home project, I just wanted to write to you and let you know what a great experience it was working with the superintendent on this job. As you know we work with all difference contractors, builders, construction managers and project managers and the relationship of the interior designers with these construction and job managers is so crucial to a successful outcome of the job.
I was consistently impressed with the superintendent’s attention to detail, organization, quality of work and most of all attitude!


Kay Thompson


As we all know, construction professionals generally have unexpected challenges on their Projects that they have to deal with on a regular basis. However, in addition to the usual challenges that arise during such projects, this year BCBE had to also deal with a major challenge in the form of a Category 5 Hurricane that hit Naples on September 10, 2017. At that point in time, our Gulf Towers Renovation Project was about 65 percent done. Notwithstanding that fact, BCBE, following Irma, had its crews back working on our Project within 48 hours of the power being restored to our building.


Fil and Wendy Adams-Mercer

Home Owner

Let me start at the beginning. The initial building company we employed did nothing but lie, cheat and completely mess up our dream and our dream home. Along came BCBE, our knights in shining armor. We cannot praise them enough, what a great experience. They have been so professional in every aspect. They had to take our home down to ground level and have built us the most amazing dream home we could have ever wished to own. If anyone is thinking of using BCBE we would recommend them to anybody and everybody. Professional to the end, we cannot thank them enough.  Thank you, Fil and Wendy

Larry Harris

Home Owner

I just want to give a huge vote of well done and great job to the team of BCBE. It was my good fortune to have a very good friend and business associate, Glenn Midnet, who owns Design West here in Naples, to ask me to finance a National Golf Magazine Dream Home project that was being built here in Naples. Glenn had done a project for Golf Magazine several years ago, and they were so pleased with his work that they wanted to use him and his company again. (more…)

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cioffi


I wanted to write you and thank you for building my family and I such a beautiful well construction home. I have  had quite a bit of experience in building homes having built four prior to building with BCBE. Given that experience I think I am qualified to know when a job is done well and I can certainly say that the job you did was well done!  In every way you exceeded my expectations and the personal interest and involvement that you took was beyond what we expected. (more…)