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Commercial Construction

BCBE subcontractors and material suppliers are selected based on quality of workmanship, competitiveness and ability to fulfill the particular needs of each individual project. BCBE Construction LLC ensures your building will be constructed with superb workmanship and free of any construction defects by performing a dozen different inspections from the inside out. BCBE Construction is fully equipped to handle your commercial project.

Commercial & Clubhouse Remodeling

BCBE Construction LLC has successfully completed hundreds of remodeling projects in the Southwest Florida area. Our thorough knowledge, experience and complete understanding of Florida’s demanding construction conditions assure your project will be remodeled to the highest of standards. We spare no effort in making sure every facet of the project is completed flawlessly. BCBE is the premier choice for your remodeling project.



Condo Remodeling

BCBE Construction LLC’s vast experience and knowledge of residential high rise construction allows us to offer you dedication, commitment, and peace of mind during the renovation of your home. With that understanding and experience, our team develops creative solutions to the most challenging construction schedules and constraints.  This allows us to be the perfect fit for remodeling your dream home with the quality you demand.

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Design West


As we wrap up the custom home project, I just wanted to write to you and let you know what a great experience it was working with the superintendent on this job. As you know we work with all difference contractors, builders, construction managers and project managers and the relationship of the interior designers with these construction and job managers is so crucial to a successful outcome of the job.
I was consistently impressed with the superintendent’s attention to detail, organization, quality of work and most of all attitude!


Kay Thompson


As we all know, construction professionals generally have unexpected challenges on their Projects that they have to deal with on a regular basis. However, in addition to the usual challenges that arise during such projects, this year BCBE had to also deal with a major challenge in the form of a Category 5 Hurricane that hit Naples on September 10, 2017. At that point in time, our Gulf Towers Renovation Project was about 65 percent done. Notwithstanding that fact, BCBE, following Irma, had its crews back working on our Project within 48 hours of the power being restored to our building.