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As we wrap up the custom home project, I just wanted to write to you and let you know what a great experience it was working with the superintendent on this job. As you know we work with all difference contractors, builders, construction managers and project managers and the relationship of the interior designers with these construction and job managers is so crucial to a successful outcome of the job.
I was consistently impressed with the superintendent’s attention to detail, organization, quality of work and most of all attitude!

I am most proud and happy with the overall product of this job not just because everything came out perfect but more so because it was an enjoyable experience and I could rest easy knowing that every detail was handled. I could trust that if something wasn’t looking quite right, that he would call me to ask for my input and give his suggestions for solutions. Some days there were several phone calls but I don’t mind picking up the phone and collaborating because I know that he was willing to work as a team to figure out what was best for the design and most of all, best for the client. I know a lot of times the people in the trenches don’t receive enough credit, but they are the ones helping make our ideas happen!

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