BCBE Construction LLC – Custom Home Builder in Naples and Sarasota

Home Maintenance

As part of our services, BCBE Construction LLC offers maintenance services for your home. BCBE fully understands that each single family home or tower residence has a unique maintenance requirement. Our property maintenance team evaluates your homes requirements and designs a personalized maintenance plan to suit your needs.

BCBE Construction LLC has performed warranty and maintenance work on many building types and fully understands the importance of following the manufacturers’ written instructions to protect your investment.

BCBE’s customer service and warranty department is truly one of a kind. We offer a wide variety of services and direct cooperative involvement with the homeowners, building management, associations, and our developers.

In addition to performing service and warranty requests, BCBE Construction LLC’s customer service department performs a wide variety of services. BCBE reviews and issues a detailed maintenance inspection report after 12 months of completion and 6 months thereafter completing a 18 month warranty. These reports are compiled and put together in a book form which include digital photos, forensic reports, and a complete review of the building’s components with maintenance recommendations.

Our customer service department is also involved during the construction period providing all drop and site inspections, ensuring that we are turning over the very best product possible. In addition to that, we provide Red Alerts to keep our clients informed with the latest regarding anything from environmental issues, to life safety, to critical maintenance items.